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We invite you to dinner 🥙.
Since we are here about food, we have a proposal – to have a dinner together.
While the pandemic dictates its conditions, we offer to do it online with a glass of white wine.
Wednesday evening after lunch Vkusvill is waiting for you 😄.
To be more precise, at 18-00 I will go live in Instagram (@evgen5) with the famous chef, graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, brand-chef of Vkusvill in Moscow – Elena Lande. We’ll cook online two dishes with you: tuna and cod (choose what’s closer to you) 🥘 And also besides the chef’s merits Elena has a sparkling sense of humor, so it will be tasty and fun, join us for sure.
By the way, we will be happy to answer your questions about food, cooking and products.

🥙 We have thought over everything, and have collected for you a box of products for cooking dinner for two. The cost of the box is 15 euros.
You can order a set of products for dinner on with delivery on Tuesday or buy in the store.

🐟 It is important to know that on Tuesday we have delivery of fresh fish caught no more than 24 hours ago.

Here is a list of products :

Tuna – 200 gr
Cod fillet – 200 gr
Teriyaki Sauce
Onion green
Sesame oil
Rice flour
Starch -1 tsp
Cherry tomatoes – 200 g
Rice – 200 gr
Onions – 1 pcs.

Live will be in my Instagram @evgen5 on Wednesday at 18-00 Amsterdam 💚.